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Divide & Conquer November 14, 2009

Posted by Saara in Behind the Scenes.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the progress when you’re just amassing coats of paint, but sometimes small things can make a big difference.

A dysfunctional, and not currently needed, bun divider has been taking up space by the door to the back porch for decades. Most people never even knew what it was or why it was there, only that it made it trickier to get out the door with the garbage bins. Since Keith had been making space in the back storage building for the past few weeks, he finally announced that there was room for the bun divider. Yay!


Bun divider

Richard, Josh and Keith pose with the base of the bun divider

Slowly we’re eking out more space in the storage area. It’s fun to watch it transform with the new white walls while most of the equipment is temporarily moved out. Most of the gear has to move right back in, but some things have a new home out of the way at least.

Of course, some things that shouldn’t have been moved out probably did as well, but at least we can find them again … probably. 😉





1. Martha Ward - November 17, 2009

You guys are doing a great job with all the improvements.
I love your blog humor.
Keep me laughing!!!!

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