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Happy Birthday to The C Shop! June 26, 2010

Posted by Saara in Candy, Events.

Saturday, June 26th is the 39th Anniversary of the CShop!!  To celebrate, every 10th customer in the door wins one FREE YUMM!!

Did you know …

The C Shop’s own “PEANUT BUTTER YUMM’S” won

second place in the “Heavyweight Champion of the West”

in 2007 at a candy competition at the

Annual Retail Confectioner’s International Conference.

Early in the C Shop’s formative years,

Patricia had been experimenting in the kitchen

and offered a taste of a filling mixture that would become the Yumm centers.

Upon tasting the blend, Patricia’s good friend, Alma Wagner exclaimed,”YUMMMMMM!”.

(And we’ve all been saying the same thing ever since!)

You might also enjoy knowing, that The C Shop offers

one FREE Yumm to celebrate a couples’ Wedding Anniversary.

The theory is that if a couple can peaceably SHARE a Yumm between the two of them,

their year ahead will be one of wedded bliss.

Be sure to come in on the day of your anniversary

and you and your spouse can also be put to the test!



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