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The Bunnies Are Coming! February 28, 2011

Posted by Saara in Behind the Scenes, Easter.

Yes, it’s finally that time of year! While parts of Washington are being blanketed by snow, we’ve started production on white Easter bunnies. After our initial run of white bunnies, we’ll be moving on to making milk and dark chocolate bunnies. So many bunnies and so little time.

We haven’t been idle while waiting for the bunnies to start running. If you’ve driven by lately, you’ve certainly seen the new roof. What you haven’t seen is the new ceiling in the cafe.

The old ceiling was stained from many years of use and an occasional water leak. We also had inadequate lighting for the sandwich and pizza make line.

Ceiling Before

A “before” look at the ceiling with Keith mugging for the camera.

Now the ceiling is freshly painted and we’ve installed 4 banks of fluorescents over the work area and arranged the chandeliers over the seating area. It is so much brighter now!

Ceiling After

The new ceiling and a couple of our bundled up bunnies.

As you can see, we didn’t have the time to re-tile the floors as planned, but that project has just moved to next winter’s list. Can’t take the risk of getting bored or being able to go on vacation over the off season. 😉

We hope you are appreciating our incremental improvements. Many of our projects are restricted to that brief time in between Christmas candy and January/February when Easter production starts. It also happens to be bitterly cold usually and it’s challenging to get paint to dry in an unheated space. Keith used an oil-based vapor barrier primer that was supposed to dry in about 6 hours, but it took 6 days!

Even with all the constraints, we’re having a lot of fun watching it take shape. I’m chomping at the bit to get the final coat of paint on the cafe bathrooms and Keith is working on new controls for the 1916 Edison Electric pizza oven. In between, we’re cranking out bunnies as fast as we can.

In my next post, I’ll show you some more behind the scenes images of the bunny farm.



1. Sandr - February 28, 2011

this is fantastic – going to your shop is our family’s outing every weekend (as I am sure many others families) Keep up the great candy making

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