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Shifting Seasons October 12, 2011

Posted by Saara in Admin, Behind the Scenes, Café, Candy.

We made it to the end of another C Shop season!

The Café closed on Labor Day and we were slinging pizzas to the very end. A couple of hours past the very end even! We had an excellent crew this summer and all of their hard work really paid off.

Molly’s Nanaimo bars were a big hit with the customers and also with the crew. It was not intentional to have them priced the same as a “break treat”, but I’m sure that worked out well for most of us. 😉 We’re excited that Magnum and Sadie are in Seattle right now furthering their culinary educations. We wish them the very best wherever this new road takes them. Selfishly we hope that the road leads back home to their C Shop family, but we also know that many more exciting opportunities await. As is her style, Maria managed to keep everything flowing.

The Candy Shop closed on this Canadian Thanksgiving Monday. We sold everything nearly down to the walls! Martha and Vicki managed to keep the shop humming along smoothly all season. Our big birthday bash this summer was a success. The 1971 prices were much appreciated by customers and lines for favorites were out the door. Another new favorite for many is seafoam and Keith got the formula nailed down finally so it’s now one of our regular homemade candies.

The biggest new event this summer was the Birch Bay Music Festival to support WeSnip. Thanks to Tammy Pearce of The Bay Cafe and her great organizing skills, it was a well-attended and very fun day for everyone and profitable for WeSnip. We look forward to raising even more money for this good cause next August 4th. Mark your calendars!

Meanwhile we’ve hardly been resting on our laurels. Saara attended Kneading Conference West in Mount Vernon and then everyone flew off to Houston for RCI’s Fall Regional Institute. Then it was off to the FSA Seattle Food Show and, well, there’s a NW Chocolate Festival just around the corner. You can bet all that has inspired creative thinking for next year’s goodies.

Besides post-processing photos from various conferences and conventions which I’ll share on here soon, we’re gearing up for the big remodeling season. Keith has plans for the Café floor and there’ll be lots of new paint again. We got one new cooler in place and have plans for some other new equipment. Oh yeah, there’s a certain bread slicer that should certainly be up and going by next summer too. 🙂

Thank you and my endless gratitude to everyone who worked so hard at The C Shop this year. We’ll be missing some of you next season, but we’re also looking forward to having many of you back for another summer of fun!

Finally a big thank you to our wonderful customers! You are what makes all this worthwhile. We appreciate our long-time regulars who have been coming in for generations, our new regulars who have just discovered us, our seasonal visitors who make an annual pilgrimage,  the occasional tourist who could only grace us once, and those of you who have yet to come in. Without all of you, there’d be no C Shop so thank you for keeping us around in this difficult economy. We truly appreciate your patronage and will continue to do what we can to earn your business.



1. Maria Moench - October 12, 2011

Thank you for mentioning me. I appreciate the fact that you recognize how much I enjoy being part of this C Shop family.

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